Turn the Atlantic into your hunting grounds!

Take command of your own submarine fleet in this mix of simulation and strategy game.

Welcome to the Open Beta!

Welcome, Captains, to the Open Beta of Silent Hunter Online!

Free to Play Medal

Want to engage the enemy face-to-face?

Ready the torpedo tubes for firing and plunge into thrilling naval battles.

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Leave nothing to chance!

Prove your keen strategic mind while surprising your enemy with tactical finesse.

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Dynamic game world

All players participate in a server-wide campaign, fighting together for dominance in the Atlantic. The success of each individual player impacts the wider game world. Your contribution may make the difference!


Fleet management

Command your own submarine squadron. Equip your boats and prepare your crew for deployment. Research new technologies to better thwart the enemy.


Thrilling naval battles

Experience thrilling real-time battles directly in your browser. Stalk unsuspecting enemy ships and prepare your strikes down to the last detail before sinking your target with ice-cold precision.


Multiplayer experience

To survive against the enemy's superior numbers, you can come together with other players to form wolf packs. Establish shared tactics and efficient teamwork to thrive against seemingly invincible opponents.

Feature 1
Dynamic game world
Feature 2
Authentic boot management
Feature 3
Exciting war games
Feature 4
Multiplayer campaigns